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Canadian Financial Brokers Inc.
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Below are some phone numbers you may find helpful. If you need a loan payout please contact the financial institution directly. We are always here to help. If you aren’t getting the answers you need, feel free to email or contact us.

Financial Institutions

Audi Finance: 1-888-412-2834
Bank of Montreal: 1-888-801-2282
Crelogix: 1-800-667-6640
CU Dealer Finance: 204-958-8728
Desjardins: 1-800-224-7737
Finance It: 1-888-536-3025
Honda Canada Finance: 1-800-387.5399
HSBC: 1-866-692-6671
Lendcare Capital Inc: 1-866-291-4045
National Bank of Canada: 1-888-835-6281
Royal Bank of Canada: 1-800-769-2511
Scotiabank: 1-888-777-6842
TD Financing Services: 1-800-563-3995
TD Homeworks Division: 1-800-650-8085
Laurentian Bank: 1-800-522-1846
Harley Davidson Credit: 1-800-364-2292

Warranty Claims

Cornerstone Buyers Protection Plan: 1-800-774-9992
First Canadian Protection Plan Claims: 1-800-381-2580
IWS Warranty Claims: 1-800-862-7184
SAL Protection Plan1-888-444-9989

Creditor Insurance Claims

First Canadian Insurance:  1-800-561-3242
IWS Insurance:  1-866-337-0408
SAL Group:  1-800-663-9498